My office is often chaotic as other professors, students and administrators are continuously streaming in and out with urgent demands. In the midst of this confusion was Maia who remained calm at all times and was ready to jump up and solve a dozen problems, often all at once. Adept at almost all computer functions Maia needed a minimal amount of direction to get a maximum amount done.

Maia excelled and was conscientious, responsible and an articulate speaker. Her honesty and integrity are beyond par and she frequently was entrusted with the keys to my home, my office, my car and my life. I cannot recommend this young woman strongly enough.

-S.A., New York

Maia is extremely organized, efficient, loyal and a self starter. She has wonderful people communication skills….sporting a positive and uplifting attitude.

She is a diligent, motivated and hard-working individual, who can take any task and complete it with flair.

-S.G., Oregon

Maia assisted me with my Professional Organizing company, Tip Top Organizing, Inc., in New York City.

The organizing jobs consisted of all aspects of organization. We do commercial and residential organizing and de-cluttering. We help people decide what to keep and get rid of, and what to do with everything else. We recommend products and they can get them on their own, or we can do the shopping for you, plus the installation and population. Lastly, packing and unpacking for moves, overseeing the move and setting it all up so when you come home, your new place is all ready for you. It ranged from organizing home offices, to bedrooms, kitchens, closets, photos, papers, moves, estate clean-outs, and more.

Maia is extremely versatile and could adapt to any job, no matter what. Many times we just had to figure things out as we go and improvise, which Maia is really great at because she is very smart and has a lot of common sense. She’s just naturally organized and resourceful. No matter how intense of a situation we were in, she would keep calm, stay patient and we would quickly figure everything out.

Maia was always punctual, reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, polite, caring, friendly and smart. She was a pleasure to work with and the clients really took to her, too. We worked with many celebrities, but one particular situation stands out to show Maia’s personality. This was a very high-end celebrity client, and we used an online software to organize her recipes. Maia and her got along so well that the client wanted to keep in touch with her and hang out on a personal level. She didn’t care about hanging out with me- just Maia! She gets along with everyone of all ages and walks of life. Her personality is very warm and she is never in a bad mood.

Maia was my favorite assistant to work with. She was always the first one I called when I needed someone. Maia is never someone that shies away from a job. She is always enthusiastic, full of energy and gets the job done quickly. There is really not enough great things I can say about her. She is very easy to teach, catches on very fast and you don’t have to tell her what to do twice.

I would recommend Maia without hesitation. I know that she is someone who learns fast, stays committed, and works extremely hard, all with a great attitude.

Jaclyn Gross
Professional Organizer at Tip Top Organizing, Inc.